CureSearch Triple Mustard Gold Stingray Leather Earrings


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and to support all of those that have been affected by childhood cancer, we with the help of you, would like to raise funds to be donated to CureSearch. We have first hand experience of what CureSearch offers and are now dedicated to continued awareness. 


Last year we raised over $1700 and we can’t wait to see what this year will bring. This year we have also set up a Lavish Leathers Team for monetary donations. For more information or to make a donation head over to our Lavish Leathers team page. 


Team Page:

Lavish Leathers CureSearch Team


Why CureSearch? When you hear your child has cancer or that the tumor is malignant your world changes forever. Thanks to amazing doctors and groups like CureSearch the Lavish Leathers family gets to celebrate one of their own as a childhood cancer survivor!! Our goal is to help CureSearch raise money for more research so that more families can say the same thing. Order your CureSearch themed Lavish Leathers and tee and 100% of proceeds go back to CureSearch!